Property Division

Practical Guidance For Fair Property Division

The end of a marriage is often a nerve-wracking time for many reasons. The financial, functional and sentimental value of your property are likely among those reasons. A divorce can quickly change where you live, what you own and how much financial security you will have in the future.

With the high stakes of the property division process, it is important to approach the issue with your needs in mind. I will focus on your individual goals for your family law case. Whether you seek a peaceful resolution or need to stand up for a fair award in court, I will protect your interests.

How Property Division In Divorce Works

When a couple divorces in Ohio, they equitably divide a variety of marital property, including:

  • The house and other real estate property
  • Savings accounts
  • Retirement benefits such as pension plans or retirement investment accounts
  • The family business
  • Other investment accounts such as stocks, bonds and index funds
  • Vehicles and personal belongings such as furniture

You may also own assets outside of the marriage, such as inheritance or property you acquired before getting married. By taking the right steps, you can keep separate property safe from the divorce. If you have a prenuptial agreement, it may determine what property belongs solely to one spouse.

When You Have Concerns, Come See Me

Divorces can become complicated. You may encounter surprises along the way when reviewing your marital finances. Working with a skilled lawyer can help you overcome any difficulties.

Prior clients have described me as reassuring. I will provide a realistic assessment of your case so that you know what to expect when dividing marital property. I will also be ready to assist you with complex issues that arise in your case. Ultimately, I can identify your best opportunities for getting fair results.

Start Working Toward A Reasonable Outcome

In terms of finances, divorce is rarely ideal for separating spouses – even though it may be the best course of action overall. However, strategic, dedicated legal representation can minimize the impact of divorce on your lifestyle and finances.

Call the Cincinnati office at 513-653-4963 or email me to schedule a divorce consultation. I am ready to offer relief during a stressful process.