Protect Your Rights Throughout Divorce

Divorce can be a messy and time-consuming process. With proper legal guidance, you can speed up the filing process and dictate precisely how you would like to separate from your spouse.

Divorce comes in many different forms, which is why I take the time to provide undivided attention to each client. I actively listen and tailor my legal counsel to your unique circumstances. With decades of experience working with clients through the divorce process, I can be trusted to provide you with practical and realistic counsel.

Successful Divorce Takes Preparation And Advocacy

In Ohio, there are no-fault grounds for divorce and traditional fault-based grounds. Some examples of fault-based grounds are adultery, willful absence of the other party for one year, and extreme cruelty.

When filing for divorce, the parties must take into account several matters, including:

  • Whether spouses can agree to all issues or need court involvement
  • How to divide property and debts
  • Parenting plans as part of child custody decisions
  • Whether spousal support would be appropriate
  • What will happen to a family business, if applicable

The dissolution of a marriage is a common method of separation because it eliminates lengthy and costly court involvement. If you and your partner are willing to negotiate and come to a consensus on all terms of the separation, then you can petition for dissolution as part of an uncontested divorce.

I am ready to assist you through the process. Whether you plan to negotiate or litigate the divorce, I will advocate for a fair outcome for you. I know how stressful divorce can be, which is why I take steps to ease your burden while remaining honest and dedicated.

Consult With A Lawyer Before Taking Action

Before undertaking this process, it’s important to consult with an experienced divorce attorney near you. I am extremely familiar with the divorce process and can answer any of your questions. For a consultation, email me or call me at 513-653-4963 early in your case.