Child Custody

Resolving Child Custody Cases With Compassion

Child custody disputes are stressful for everyone in the family. Parents and children alike often face a high degree of uncertainty and change.

Kenneth E. Peller, Attorney At Law, is a child custody and support law firm in Cincinnati that provides compassionate and professional legal counsel for families going through this difficult time. I am attorney Kenneth Peller, and I have experience providing legal support for families in various situations. Reach out today to speak with me about your current situation.

Legal Help Can Protect A Child’s Well-being And The Parent’s Bond

Child support and custody obligations are complicated and often change. Whether as part of a divorce or parental separation, these issues are crucial to the future of the family.

It is advisable to seek professional legal counsel if:

  • Your spouse has hired a private lawyer.
  • The case is complex, requiring a legal professional’s assistance.
  • Your child is in immediate danger.
  • Your spouse is limiting visitation and contact with your child.
  • Your circumstances have significantly changed.

I focus on family law and child custody issues. My vast amount of experience allows me to provide realistic and strategic legal advice for my clients. I know how crucial it is to tell people what they need to hear versus what they want to hear in these situations.

When you put your trust in me, you can expect legal assistance that helps both you and your child. Having raised children and foster children, as well as serving as a guardian ad litem in court, I have a deep understanding of parenting issues. I know how strongly parents feel when it comes to protecting their relationship with their children.

Seek Trusted Counsel For Matters Involving Children

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