For millennials, their job may cost them their marriage

For millennials, their job may cost them their marriage

Where do marital and professional bliss blend seamlessly for a couple by their 30th birthday? Millennial residents of Cincinnati may answer only within the four corners of a movie script. Recent data correlates specific job occupations and their respective divorce rates. The results indicate that happiness at work, for some jobs, works against happiness at home.

In Cincinnati, the numbers tell two different stories

Successful marriages must often manage the pressures of jobs and careers. Odd hours, above-average stress, time away from home and compensation inject multiple and often overlapping, even conflicting interests into the relationship. Compensation that provides comfortable quality of life has less value when not shared or has the cost of stress; conversely, banks will not accept a love-in-lieu-of-mortgage payment.

The good news lies in that only slightly more than 50,000 employees in the Cincinnati area, excluding military occupations, work in these more divorce-prone positions. Occupations run the gamut from healthcare and other certified professionals to administrators and lower-skilled positions. A small percentage of the Queen City’s one million residents, these numbers would appear reasonable.

Relocation trends, however, may aggravate these factors and increase friction in an already tenuous relationship. Demographic transformation and the dynamics of an evolving economy will likely alter the landscape of Queen of the West.

Many jobs require presence on-site. The nature of work could minimize or eliminate some factors, such as time away from home, but enhance others, including compensation or benefits.

Reality may require recognizing work and marriage do not mix

Challenging jobs and inspiring environs may present exciting opportunities for a millennial couple. The script for success remains the same, however. The couple must prioritize what matters to both individually and as a unit.

Yet, the most realistic couple may recognize that sustaining a work-life balance requires separation. An attorney with extensive experience may provide insight and assistance in that situation.