We resolve child custody cases with compassion

We resolve child custody cases with compassion

Divorce is hard enough, but what many divorcing spouses may not realize is that the child custody process can be even more contentious. After all, most parents believe they know what is in the best interest of their child, and they often believe they are the best for them. But, when parents disagree, a contentious litigation process usually ensues. And, child custody disputes are a painful and stressful time for the entire family, parents and children alike.

The difference

At the law offices of Kenneth E. Peller, Attorney At Law, our specialized child custody and support practice provides professional, diligent and compassionate legal counsel for families going through this difficult time. Mr. Peller has he experience and compassion required to provide legal support for families, not just as a zealous advocate, but also as a needed legal support system.

Do I need an attorney?

If child custody is at issue, and there is any disagreement between the parents, the answer is likely, yes. Child support and custody law is complicated, and the legal landscape often changes, regardless of whether it is part of a divorce or parental separation. Nonetheless, these issues are crucial. Though, there are some situations where an attorney is definitely needed. For example, if one’s spouse has hired a lawyer, both spouses should have one. Complex cases always require legal assistance. Domestic violence or child endangerment also mean a call to an attorney is needed. If one’s soon-to-be ex-spouse is withholding the child, then contact an attorney as well.

When clients put their trust in Kenneth E. Peller, Attorney At Law, they can expect seasoned legal assistance that helps both the client and their children. After all, Mr. Peller, himself, has raised both his own children and foster children, and has served as a guardian ad litem for the Cincinnati, Ohio, family court system. He understands the imperative to protect one’s children and how important it is to use ever legal avenue available to protect those rights.