Despite fears, marriages and divorces fell last year

Despite fears, marriages and divorces fell last year

In article after article and news story after news story, last year we were bombarded by stories of 2020 being a divorce boom. We were told about a divorce tsunami that would result as a result of the one-two punch of forced togetherness and economic hardships. However, a recent study has shown that these reports were likely overblown, and that last year continued our nations downward divorce trend.

The study

Bowling Green State University’s Center for Family and Demographic Research conducted a study of the five states that have fully released their 2020 divorce and marriage statistics. Specifically, the study analyzed the data from Florida, New Hampshire, Oregon, Missouri and Arizona. It found that the likely nationwide “shortfall” of divorces was nearly 200,000 and marriages was over 300,000, when compared to 2019.

Behind the decline

Of course, this does not mean that U.S. couple spent 2020 in marriage bliss. This may be a result of practical thinking and economic realities that the couples simply could not afford to divorce. Or, perhaps, the forced togetherness allowed for couples to find creative solutions to avoid divorce. In either scenario though, divorce was avoided.

2020 continued the decline

Indeed, while 2020 may have not scene the predicted divorce tsunami, these lower numbers are in line with marriage and divorce rates since 1980. That year was the peak in divorce rates, but since that time, both marriage and divorce rates have declined as our attitudes surrounding marriage have evolved. In fact, many young people have opted for cohabitation without marriage, and for those that have opted for marriage, they tend to be more educated and affluent. This subsection of society tends to have lower divorce rates.

Of course, not every Cincinnati, Ohio, couple can be so lucky. While some may have found 2020 to be a year of reinvention and steadfastness, others have found it to be the year of reckoning. It was the year that they finally realized they wanted a fresh start, a new life, a life spent without their current spouse. And, for those residents, contact a divorce attorney to start one’s new life.