Legal separation is an option in Ohio

Legal separation is an option in Ohio

Ohio is a state which allows couples who are having family difficulties to get what is called a legal separation.

A legal separation is not just a scenario where two people agree to live apart informally, perhaps because they are trying to establish that they are eligible for a divorce under Ohio law.

Instead, a legal separation can be a permanent setup in which a couple remains legally married, and thus are not free to marry another person under Ohio’s laws.

However, practically, speaking the legal separation works like a divorce, with a judge entering orders regarding property division, child custody and support and spousal support, that is, payments which many people refer to as alimony.

There are some unique legal quirks about pursuing legal separation

In a few respects, legal separation works differently from an Ohio divorce. Perhaps most importantly, a legal separation does not prohibit either person from asking for a divorce or dissolution of marriage at a later time.

In other words, a separation does not automatically divorce-proof one’s marriage no matter how much they want to try to save it.

Legal separation may be the best option depending on one’s circumstances

Residents of the Cincinnati area may consider a legal separation for a number of reasons.

Oftentimes, people have religious or moral reasons for considering a legal separation. The option may be especially attractive if the couple plays a prominent role in certain faith communities.

In other situations, a legal separation may be a good choice for emotional, family or even financial reasons.

Those in the greater Cincinnati area who are interested in exploring legal separation should consider speaking with an experienced family law attorney.