How is child custody decided in Ohio?

How is child custody decided in Ohio?

Child custody is a complicated and often emotional part of ending an Ohio marriage. Parents involved in the divorce process may have significant concerns about how their parental rights will be impacted when their household is divided into two. When child custody matters come before Ohio courts, the best interests of the children are evaluated before custodial duties are assigned.

The best interests of the child

As parents understand, no two children are alike. Even within a family, children can be diverse individuals with their own specific desires and preferences. As such, courts evaluate the individual needs of children when they are asked to work out the details of child custody plans.

Because children have different needs and wants, it is not possible to rely on child custody outcomes from other cases to guess how one’s own case may resolve. It can be useful, though, for individuals with custody questions to speak with their trusted Ohio family law attorneys about their concerns.

Child custody factors

To determine what may constitute a child’s best interests, a court can examine different factors related to them and their parents. Some of the factors that may be considered can include, but are not limited to:

  • The health of the parents and child
  • The wishes of the child
  • The parents’ ability to cooperate
  • The relationship between the child and parents, and
  • The existence of siblings in the households.

Courts must determine if children are capable of making sound decisions about their preferences on their custody, and often the age and maturity of the child will dictate if their preferences will hold weight. These re only some of the factors that can go into child custody determinations. Specific guidance on individual child custody and family law cases should be sought from divorce and family law lawyers.